• Optimized for Mechanical devices
  • Optimized for MTL style vaporizers
  • For regulated and Mechanical devices
  • For experienced users
  • Not suitable for temperature control
  • Carefull dry-burn! 5 w max!


These coils are the same as normal sheriffs but with a compromise. There is one turn added to bring the resistance up so it can be vaped with mechanical devices. Multicore MTL Aliens with mechs? It can be done!


More cores with thinner wire (more surface - les mass) produce more vapor without overheating. Coils stay clean longer! Exceptional taste!

Quad Core Alien MTL Sherif's Edition MECH

€ 13,00Price
  • 2 coils in the package

    Core 4 X 32 gauge (0.2 mm) Nichrome N80

    Wrap 38 gauge (0.11 mm) Nichrome N80

    4.5 wraps on 2.5 mm ID


    • Single coil 0.424 Ω
    • Dual coil not recomended
  • DO NOT use with devices with SERIES configuration. DO NOT use batteries with a damaged wrap. Use only good quality Samsung, Sony, LG, Molicel batteries with at least 20 amps discharge ratio. Always obey Ohm's Law. SAFETY FIRST!