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How to glow, handle and clean your HandsMade Premium Coils properly

Dry-burn for DL and RDL Coils

When you install the Coils in the atomizer, please stretch the coils slightly apart, it helps to achieve more even oxidation without getting too many hot spots.

The turns of the Coils installed should not touch and it is best to use minimal stretch for best flavor.

Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn

If you touched the coils with your fingers after installation and before the dry-burn, rinse the atomizer with coils already installed with hot water and a little dish detergent or use an ultrasonic cleaner. After the cleaning process don't touch them anymore.

The grease from your fingers burns into the Coils and they do not change color because of that when heated. 

Glowing is recommended with very low power [W]; namely, so low that you can hold the fire button to the time limit of the mod (auto off) and the coil does not heat up (illuminate) over dark red light so as not to destroy (excessively oxidize) the wire..

It is important to glow with as little temperature as possible to achieve a gentle oxidation, but enough!  Which insulates the wire so that no electrical shortcuts (hot spots) appear.

Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn

When properly heated, the coil follows a certain order of colors; first it appears gold, followed by red, then metallic blue and finally light blue (optimal heating) .

At even higher temperatures it turns gray and brown (rust). If possible, resolve the hot spots while the Coil is still in gold.

Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn
Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn
Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn

Dry-burn for MTL Coils

The procedure is similar to the one described above.


You start with the lowest possible power (5 Watts), then trigger the mod and wait for the Coil to start to glow to dark red light (not more).


Resolve the hot spots when the Coil starts to color itself and carefully pulse further until it becomes first dark metallic blue and later light blue (optimal heating).


Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn
Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn
Handsmade Alien Coils Dry-burn



The cotton should be pulled through the Coil tightly, it will still absorb well, just be careful not to deform it.

The more cores the Coil has, the more it needs to be filled tightly with cotton.

The tighter it is, the denser the vapor and the Coil gets dirty even later.

The cotton should be expanded as soon as it comes out of the Coil (when moistened with e-liquid it also collapses).

In the Coil, the pressure of the cotton should be quite high.

When the cotton is moistened, it expands; then, with the evaporation it narrows and you get a more consistent vapor.




Clean the Coil with dry-burning at very low power.

You can hold the power button for a long time to burn all the sugars from the Coil; this doesn’t damage the Coil, but the high temperature does (glow only to dark red light).


Rinse the Atomizer under running water, make sure the Coils are cooled down. Never put glowing Coils under the water, since this destroys them instantly.


The lower the temperature, the longer the Coils will last.

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