• Optimized for dual and single coil atomizers
  • For regulated devices ~ ­­­­45 - 80 w
  • For unregulated devices - mechs
  • For experienced users
  • Not suitable for temperature control


For all middle and larger RTAs out there. Suitable for single and dual coil configuration. They fit the best in a little smaler RTAs.

There are only few words for these coils, The best coils for single or dual RTAs!!!


More cores with thinner wire (more surface - les mass) produce more vapor without overheating. Coils stay clean longer! Exceptional taste!

6 Core Alien RTA

€ 16,00Price
  • 2 coils in the package

    Core 6 X 31 gauge (0.23 mm) Nichrome N80

    Wrap 38 gauge (0.1 mm) Nichrome N80

    4 wraps on 3 mm ID


    • Single coil 0.227 Ω
    • Dual coil   0.114 Ω
  • DO NOT use with devices with SERIES configuration. DO NOT use batteries with a damaged wrap. Use only good quality Samsung, Sony, LG, Molicel batteries with at least 20 amps discharge ratio. Always obey Ohm's Law. SAFETY FIRST!