Coil Properties

Usually it's only one coil that is perfect for your atomizer.

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MTL Coils

For MTL atomizers, the balance between the coil, air intake and the atomizer volume is extremely important. 


We offer MTL coils, made of extremely thin wire in order to maintain the correct ratio of mass and surface of the coil, relative to the air flow. 


A lot of skills are needed to make such small coils. 


Our 3, 4 & 5 core alien MTL coils are very popular among users and are unique in the world.


Single coil RDL Aliens

Aliens for RDL's or "reduced direct lung Atomizers" are specially balanced with extreme thin wires, which gives them exceptionally wide power range.


From approx. 30 to 80 w.



A must try!


Single coil DL Aliens

Aliens for single coil atomizers (DL - direct lung style) are more powerful than coils for dual coil atomizers. 


Single coil atomizers don't heat up so much, therefore,  they can be a little bigger and are suitable for  single coil RTAs and RDAs with medium to large airflow. 



Single coil - double the power!


Dual coil DL Aliens

Aliens for dual coil atomizers are made with extremely thin wire.


With more cores but with a thinner wire we achieve a larger surface by the same mass of the coil. 


These coils have an extraordinary responsiveness and very dense vapor, which contributes to exceptional taste.



They are the kings of flavor.


The One - 3 Core Aliens


3 core alien coils, optimized for all types of atomizers with medium to large airflow with unbeatable price. 


They are  very responsive and compact, therefore they are suitable for small and large volume chambers, dual or single coil, RTAs and RDAs.


You can not miss with this one.


Universal Coils


These Coils fit almost in every Atomizer and are suitable for single and dual coil configuration


HandsMade coils are handmade  from finest materials  and you can be sure

 to use heating coils, that are most advanced and of  highest quality with a long service life.


You will not be able to resist them.


Matija Vogrinec, Professional Coil builder since 2010

Handsmade Premium Coils


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