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Our coils have lower resistance because of multiple cores
and they behave differently than other low ohm coils,
they don't overheat and the vapor is "softer" and cooler.
Please search for your Coils in the Filter section.

MTL Coils

For MTL atomizers, the balance between the coil, air intake and the atomizer volume is extremely important. 
We offer MTL coils, made of extremely thin wire in order to maintain the correct ratio of mass and surface of the coil, relative to the airflow. 
A lot of skills are needed to make such small coils. 
Our 3, 4, 5 & 6 core alien MTL coils are very popular among users and are unique in the world.

vig (5).jpg
vig (18).jpg

RDL Aliens

RDL Aliens are specially balanced for a wide variety of single and dual coil atomizers with middle sized airflows. 
Be it powered by regulated or mechanical devices (mechs), we cover them all.
A must try!

DL Aliens

Aliens for DL style atomizers are made with extremely thin wire.
With more cores but with thinner wire we achieve a larger surface by the same mass of the coil. 
These coils have an extraordinary responsiveness and very dense vapor, which contributes to exceptional taste.
They are the kings of flavor.

vig (11).jpg

HandsMade coils are handmade from finest materials and you can be sure
 to use heating coils, that are most advanced and of  highest quality with a long service life.
You will not be able to resist them.



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